Second Day Life Novel

Second Day Life -- A Web Novel

What is a Web Novel?

           I was writing a short story on 5-6-2016 and it dawned on me that I should write a web novel. I made it up in my head and then searched Google to find a whole bunch of people write novels online. It seemed like most charged something to read and I thought why not publish them for free. Add in a few more web novels of different genres and write a chapter a week. I quickly thought through the math and realized that I would revise my posting to one chapter a week. The readers could follow along to a published schedule as to what story had a new chapter coming. It kind of reminded me of getting comic books in the mail each month minus the pictures. I would get so excited waiting for the next issue to show up to find out what happened to the super hero. So I invite you in to read at your leisure and give me your thoughts. Take care and happy reading